Blake Masters is ‘mad as hell,’ vows to challenge the ‘mind-numbingly bureaucratic’ establishment

The countdown to November 8 is underway, with only two weeks left until Americans head to the ballot box for the 2022 Midterm Elections. Key races across the country could be the deciding factor as to who will control Congress. 

One of those races is the one for Senate seats in Arizona, where an unlikely Republican nominee is making strides to take incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly’s seat amid the GOP’s recent leap into contention.

Streaming now on Fox Nation is ‘The Candidate: Blake Masters,’ in which host Tucker Carlson shared a behind-the-scenes look at Republican candidate Blake Masters’ journey from nominee hopeful to potential Senator.

“For months, our team was able to embed with the Masters campaign through the primary election to the general,” Carlson said. “Our job is to see what it takes for a different kind of candidate to win in one of the most competitive states in the country.”


Blake Masters, who formerly ran the investment firm Thiel Capital, won the Republican primary for Arizona back in August and received endorsement from former President Donald Trump earlier this year. 

“Kind of reached my mad-as-hell, not-going-to-take-it-anymore point. And so I thought I’d be a good candidate,” Masters said. “And so it just felt like the right time to pause what I’m doing on the business side, just jump in and see how much one person can do.”

Masters will face incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly, who was elected to fill the late Republican Sen. John McCain’s seat in 2020 for Arizona. Fox News power rankings report that The Grand Canyon State’s race is one of four pivotal races for control of the Senate.

In the Fox Nation special, Carlson unpacked how Masters launched his campaign and was able to win popular support, weighing in on the significance of his battle with Sen. Kelly. 

“This is a matter of national importance. And in some states like Arizona along our national border, it could be a matter of life or death.”

Masters took on Sen. Kelly in the opponents’ only debate before the midterms. On October 6, the two focused their discussion on the economy, the border and abortion.

On each issue, Masters emphasized Sen. Kelly’s connection with President Biden’s policies and agendas, which he said in the debate are “ruining people’s lives.” 


Masters has frequently criticized the establishment and establishment politicians, championing his outsider status as a businessman. 

“It’s impossible to talk the way about the establishment that I talk if you don’t really mean it. The ruling class in this country has been getting increasingly, mind-numbingly bureaucratic, increasingly stupid, and increasingly left wing,” Masters said. 

“People can tell the reason why I’m running is I am sick of the establishment. And it’s just shown that I’m the real deal. I don’t just promise that I am.”

His rebuke has not only been for the left; Masters also called out establishment Republicans, defining himself as a new kind of GOP candidate. 

“I think we’re not on track to recognize the United States by like, 2030. And so I absolutely blame the left,” Masters said. “But I also blame these conservatives or rhinos, whatever you want to call them, right, the establishment.”

“Mainly I’m just a normal guy who’s pissed off that the greatest country in the world that I’m so lucky to live in is slipping through our fingers,” Masters said.


With only two weeks to go to the midterm elections, both Masters and Sen. Kelly – like other key races across the nation – are in their home stretch, making final pitches as to why they can best help a country in chaos.

“I know it’s going to be hard. But dammit, it’s just important. It really is,” Masters said. “And so I feel called to do it even if I’m just a kid from Tucson, Arizona.”

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Fox News’ Lawrence Richard and Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report. 

Tucker Carlson shares an exclusive look into Blake Masters’ rise in popularity and his fight to take the Senate seat from incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly in just two weeks’ time.

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