Clay Travis: Fetterman’s disastrous debate performance is an indictment of the Democratic Party

OutKick founder Clay Travis called John Fetterman’s debate performance an indictment of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, Travis said Fetterman’s health condition was hidden from voters ahead of the primary in order to secure his nomination. 


CLAY TRAVIS: It’s the single worst debate performance I have ever seen in my life. We knew that John Fetterman was a disaster when it comes to his policies. This guy is a Bernie Sanders clone. But for him to go out there and be unable to essentially speak or communicate was an indictment of the entire Pennsylvania Democrat Party. I thought it was an indictment of his wife who allowed this campaign to continue. 

Remember, he had this stroke on the Friday before the Tuesday of the Democrat primary, and they hid it from voters so he could continue to have the nomination. And to me, one of the things you can look at is, you can say, ‘oh, well, Republicans are going to say that John Fetterman was bad and Democrats are going to say he was fine because everybody’s so desperate to win the Senate.’ But I would just look at the gambling markets. The gambling markets on PredictIt immediately tanked within five minutes of this debate starting because John Fetterman was so bad. The bar was low, and John Fetterman couldn’t come anywhere near reaching it. 

OutKick founder Clay Travis said Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman’s poor debate performance was an indictment of the state’s entire Democratic Party.

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