Criss Angel feared Ginuwine had ‘a stroke or heart attack’ after magic stunt went wrong

Criss Angel is opening up about the scary moment he learned Ginuwine became unconscious during a stunt gone wrong on “Magic with the Stars.”

Angel, 54, revealed his “heart was in his mouth” after learning of the singer’s condition.

“I didn’t know what the hell was going on until we got him,” the magician told the Daily Mail Monday. “You just never know. My concern was whether he had a stroke or heart attack. Thankfully, it all worked out.”

Ginuwine was rehearsing for CW’s “Magic with the Stars” earlier this month when a stunt left him unconscious. He was under water in a box before he reportedly started banging on the glass, showing he was in distress.


Angel and staffers immediately released the singer from the box. 

Once he was let out, Ginuwine passed out before being taken away in an ambulance, Page Six reported.

“When the video was leaked, I was shocked how viral it went,” Angel told the Daily Mail. “Honestly, it showed the world that there is a real danger in doing the stunt. Ginuwine was fine thanks to the safety protocols we had in place.”


Ginuwine reportedly appeared on the show to work on his fear of holding his breath underwater. Angel shared that he provided the R&B singer tactics, but he “struggled” and “blacked out.”

“He told me that the last thing he remembered was being in the water and the next talking to me outside of the box,” Angel shared. “He was not aware of what happened.” 

Angel shared with the outlet that he became emotional once he learned Ginuwine was willing to try the stunt again after he fully recovered.

“In his training he’d achieved so much, but this was a major step back, but this man had a unique drive and determination to accomplish something,” he shared, before adding Ginuwine “accomplished it.

“It’s difficult to put into words the feeling of joy of that moment,” Angel added. “The relief and release of that emotion streamed down our eyes in the form of tears. He was crying too.”

Illusionist Criss Angel said he was concerned singer Ginuwine suffered “a stroke or heart attack” after a stunt went wrong on “Magic with the Stars” this month.

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