Florida police said semi-truck packed with drugs was brought in from California every week

A Florida investigation into shootings and violent crimes in St. Petersburg was related to a drug ring stretching across the country, beginning in California.

Police Chief Anthony Holloway said one to two trucks carrying marijuana and other drugs were being driven from the San Francisco area to Hillsborough County at least once a week since January, Fox Tampa reported.

The shipments would be picked up and delivered throughout the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida, he said.


In January, authorities began looking at shootings and other violent crimes within the city, Holloway said. Investigators realized the crimes were linked to drug sales. 

“After we saw that, we reached out to other agencies in our area,” Holloway said. 

The department partnered with states and federal authorities, including the FBI.

In total, 130 subpoenas and 130 arrest warrants were issued. Authorities also seized 1,800 pounds of marijuana, 15 guns, $360,000 in cash and multiple types of drugs, including methamphetamine, heroin laced with fentanyl and crack cocaine, authorities said. 

“Someone who thinks they are going to replace this group, well think again,” the police chief said. “This is the message we want to send out to the Bay Area, we will not tolerate this.”

A drug ring brought drugs inside a semi-truck driven from California to the Tampa, Florida, area at least once per week since January, authorities said.

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