Gen. Keane warns US could lose a war with China: ‘We’ve got to wake up’

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) joined “America’s Newsroom” Monday to discuss the national security risks as tensions grow with China and why the U.S. needs to “wake up” to the reality that America could lose a war.


GEN. JACK KEANE: Well, there’s no doubt that he has the authority. He’s the most malicious, aggressive and ambitious leader since we’ve had since Mao Zedong. And because his focus is not just internal like Mao’s was, it’s also external and wants to be the world’s global leader, in a sense, he’s considerably more ambitious. I think the headwinds he has with is the economy and the CCP ties itself. Survival, the very regime survival to the fact that people in China have hope for a better life for their children is the basic premise. And China, the CCP works very hard to make sure of that. That certainly is one of the Achilles heels that is putting pressure on him. But I believe he’s going to move forward despite those concerns, and he is going to confront the world, and he’s going to confront the United States. And we’ve got to wake up and take this seriously. We’re still sitting on our hands too much. The fact is, we don’t have an effective military deterrence now, and we’ve got to move quickly to shore up that problem. We could lose a war with China, and we’ve got to wake up to that reality. 

Gen. Jack Keane sounds the alarm on China’s threat to America and the U.S. military’s vulnerability after Xi Jinping humiliates his predecessor at a CCP meeting.

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