Herschel Walker: Abortion allegations are ‘a lie’

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker said on “Special Report” that recent allegations he pressured an unnamed woman into getting an abortion are “a lie.” 

“That’s a lie and I’ve said that’s a lie and I hope people can see right now that Raphael Warnock and the left would do whatever they can to win this seat back, but I don’t think they realize that they messed with the wrong Georgian here, that I’m not going to stop,” Walker told “Special Report” on Wednesday. “This seat is too important for me to stop thinking that they can try to scare me or force me out of this seat because they’re not and I hope the people saw after that debate who’s the guy ready to represent the people of Georgia, whereas Raphael Warnock is there to represent Joe Biden.” 

Attorney Gloria Allred alleged at a press conference on Wednesday that an unnamed woman, referred to as “Jane Doe,” said the Republican challenger took her to an abortion clinic after she found out she was pregnant with his baby. 

The lawyer claims the pair had a “romantic and intimate relationship” of six years while he was married, according to a previous Fox News report


“What I’m saying is that this is a lie and I’ve said it once and I’ve moved on,” Walker said. “My campaign had moved on because we’re worried about what the Georgia people are talking about. They’re talking about this inflation. They’re talking about crime. They’re talking about men in women’s sports. They’re talking about this border.” 

Walker said his challengers are “desperate right now” following Senator Warnock’s “terrible showing” at the debate and they want him to play guessing games. 

“I’m not into that,” he argued. “I’m into winning this great seat back for the great people of Georgia, because that’s what this is about.” 

The Senate candidate pleaded with hesitant Georgia voters to reflect on what President Biden and Warnock have given them in less than two years. 


“They’ve given you this high inflation. They’ve given you an open border. They’ve given you men in women’s sports. They’ve given you crime on the street,” he said. “So right now, they would do whatever they can and say whatever they can to win power back for this seat, but not on my watch. They can try to lie and I told everyone, this is a lie…I’m here to fight for the Georgia people and they know it.” 

Walker has also denied previous accusations by a former girlfriend of encouraging and paying for her abortion in 2009. A report from the Daily Beast had surfaced that the candidate had reimbursed her $700 for the abortion procedure and allegedly sent her a “get well” card, according to a Fox News report.

Walker acknowledged a check was sent to his ex-girlfriend, but said he did not know how it was to be used.

Fox News’ Bradford Betz, Paul Steinhauser and Charles Watson contributed to this report.

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker denies allegations he pressured a former partner to have an abortion and weighs in on his campaign on “Special Report.”

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