Indiana man out on bond for attempted murder shoots someone in car, police say

An Indiana man free on bond for a pending attempted murder charge was arrested Tuesday after shooting someone else, police said. 

On Sunday, the Indiana State Police were called about someone traveling in a GMC Yukon shooting at someone in an Acura MDX on Interstate 80. 

The victims told police they were traveling on the roadway near Burr Street when someone opened fire. One of the occupants was struck by gunfire in the lower part of their body, police said. 


The victims drove away until they couldn’t see the suspect, identified by police as Andres Perez, 43, of East Chicago.

The wounded victim was taken to Franciscan Hospital in Chesterton for treatment. Officers at the scene saw a bullet hole in the passenger door, police said. At the time of the incident, Perez was out on bond for an alleged attempted murder in July. 

On Tuesday, detectives searched his home and vehicle. Perez was arrested and taken to the Lake County jail where he is being held with no bail.

He is expected to be charged with attempted murder, stalking while armed with a deadly weapon, battery by means of a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness with a firearm.

An Indiana man out on bond for attempted murder allegedly shot someone in a vehicle over the weekend, police said

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