Kari Lake torches Democrat opponent for refusing to debate: ‘Basement Hobbs’ taking page from Biden playbook

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Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake said on “Fox & Friends” Monday her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs has earned the nickname, “basement Hobbs.” 

Lake discussed the “momentum” of her campaign and torched Hobbs for her refusal to face her on the debate stage. Lake suggested that Hobbs is incapable of holding her own in a debate. 

“She can’t even string a couple of words together,” Lake told host Ainsley Earhardt.

“She was asked a softball question a couple of weeks ago. Name one good thing about the Latino community. And she spent the entire minute and a half saying an hour and couldn’t come up with one thing. So I think she knows why she won’t debate. It would be like a birthday cake versus a chainsaw if she showed up.”


Lake argued that Hobbs is “taking a page out of Biden’s playbook” by avoiding debates and failing to draw large crowds at her public events. Recent polls show Lake leading in a close race, but the former local news anchor believes the race is clearly breaking in her favor.

“We drew 3,500 people to a rally and a concert that we had on Saturday night,” said Lake. 

“Conversely, my opponent had her biggest campaign event of the season and there were 15 people there. These polls are not close. … We have a movement and nothing’s going to stop it.”


Lake credited her lead in the polls to “commonsense policies” on the economy, the border crisis, fentanyl and education.

Part of her solution to address education is to push “dual-track education.” 

“After 10th grade, you can get a trade skill training, vocational training or career certification in high school. So you’re ready for the real world. … We have lots of big issues and the Republicans have all the solutions.” 

Lake addressed rumors that if Donald Trump runs for president again that she may be a pick for VP and said she is focused on serving Arizonans.

“We have a movement. And it’s not about me. It’s about the people of Arizona. I’m going to be here not just for four years. I’m going to be here eight years. And I’m going to be the fake news’ worst nightmare for eight years. So they better get used to it.”

Lake, who will join Sean Hannity Monday night for a town hall event alongside Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters, said last week that Republicans need to drive the national conversation on key issues.

“We don’t have to allow the left and the liberals in the media to dictate what we’re talking about. We need to dictate what we’re talking about. We have the better ideas. We’re on the right side of things.” 

Fox News’ Joshua Comins contributed to this report.

Kari Lake joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss Katie Hobbs’ refusal to debate and why her campaign has gained momentum by running on “commonsense issues.”

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