MSNBC contributor claims GOP rhetoric is ‘dangerous’ while calling them ‘fascist,’ ‘Nazi’ is ‘correct’

An MSNBC contributor and academic suggested on Monday that left-wing condemnation of the right is not polarizing like Republican rhetoric, because it is “correct.”

“Deadline: White House” host Nicolle Wallace opened the segment by discussing a recent New York Times report comparing rhetoric from Democrats and Republicans. Wallace said the study indicated Republicans who objected to the 2020 presidential election are far more likely to use “devil terms” to disparage their political opposition.

MSNBC contributor and Morgan State University professor Jason Johnson suggested the study did not go far enough, claiming there is no equivalency between Republican and Democrat rhetoric in America because everything said about Republicans is true.

“It’s actually even worse than what’s reported because you have to understand that when it comes to terms that are considered polarizing, terms like ‘fascism’ and ‘Nazi’ are considered to be polarizing terms, but unfortunately, those are the correct ways to describe what is happening with Republicans,” he claimed.


He said that the entire study’s findings would need to be assessed in a new light.

“So, in many respects, if you took some of that data out, it would be worse,” he claimed. “You would see five times as many Republicans using these devil terms, using terms that are absolutely dangerous and polarizing to society. And unfortunately, oftentimes, for I think too long, their rhetoric was put on an equal ground with Democrats and people who are in favor of democracy.”

He added further that Democrats labeling Republican opposition as “fascist” is not really polarizing because it is accurate.


“The Republicans will say ‘You guys are part of a terrible evil cult that’s in favor of eating children and you’re pedophiles and you’re groomers’ – and Democrats and democracy defenders would say ‘Yeah, that’s the kind of language you use in fascism’ and then the report would be ‘Democrats call Republicans fascist and Republicans say the Democrats are groomers,’” he suggested. “These are not on equal terms. One is the truth and the other is a lie, and that’s what we have to make sure we talk about every single day, because otherwise it makes it looks like that kind of behavior and language is normalized.”

Referring to their opposition as “fascist” has become a common canard used by the American left.

MSNBC has brought up fascism, or used the term “fascist,” 1,614 times this year alone. Meanwhile, CNN by comparison used the terms “fascist” or “fascism” approximately 491 times over the same period.

Part of the rise in the term’s usage may be from the Democratic Party’s leader President Joe Biden slamming millions of Trump-supporters as “semi-fascist,” a term which has since been defended and built upon by liberal commentators in media. 

An MSNBC contributor responded to a study saying Republicans are using more inflammatory rhetoric than Democrats by suggesting that anti-Republican rhetoric is justified.

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