Ohio superintendent defends bringing ‘anarchist bimbo’ who posted about ‘sex work’ to high school classroom

An Ohio superintendent defended a decision to bring a self-described “anarchist bimbo” who posted on Twitter about “sex work” to a high school classroom.

Dr. Trent Bowers said in a Monday email to Fox News Digital that the activist spoke to high school students about homelessness in a class catered to radical voices. 

He added that, “A school principal was in the room during the discussion and there was nothing presented to students like is being presented in social media online.”


The anarchist activist, Elizabeth Blackburn, tweeted about the speaking engagement at Worthington Kilbourne High School hosted on Oct. 19. 

She said, “I spoke to Worthington Kilbourne Politics and Radicalism classes today, a presentation titled ‘Solidarity: the Case for Camp Shameless.’ It was such an awesome experience, I can’t wait to read what the students write about it,” according to a screenshot shared by Libs of TikTok. 

In her Twitter profile, Blackburn identifies herself as an “anarchist bimbo,” “fat activist,” and included “sex work.” 

Other screenshots captured by Libs of TikTok showed Blackburn showing off “#antifafashion” and sexually explicit pictures. 

She also links to a non-profit group called the First Collective. The group is located in central Ohio and sponsors an encampment called “Camp Shameless.” According to their website the camp “houses 20-25 residents, provides shelter, food, medical supplies and care, transportation, harm reduction supplies, funds for individuals’ immediate needs, and a community of support, acceptance, and growth.”

When reached for comment, Blackburn directed Fox News Digital to her press agent. The press agent has yet to respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. 


Bowers said the elective course called “U.S. Political Thought and Radicalism,” has been around for decades and is offered to only seniors at two high schools. The superintendent defended hosting the speaker and called the focus on Blackburn’s social media “unfortunate.” 

“Worthington Kilbourne recently had a speaker who focused on activism for the homeless population. That speaker’s social media is drawing attention and unfortunately people are not taking the time to understand that by nature the speakers in this elective only class will be radical.”

A description of the class states it “examines political thought in the United States of America from the extreme right to the extreme left and beliefs beyond the traditional political spectrum.”

Reason Magazine reported that previously Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground and white nationalist Richard Spencer were invited to speak to the class.

An Ohio district official, Trent Bowers, defends a decision to bring in a speaker who posted about ‘sex work’ on her Twitter account.

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