‘Outnumbered’ goes off on media’s ‘anti-Trump obsession’ during school closures: ‘They turned a deaf ear’

The “Outnumbered” panel tore into the media’s failure to recognize the harm caused by COVID-19 lockdowns as new data indicates massive learning losses during school closures.

According to the National Assessment of Education Progress, reading scores dropped three points since the start of the pandemic and math scores dropped as much as eight points among fourth and eighth-grade students.

Tuesday’s panelists argued the trend was recognizable as it was developing and criticized liberal media pundits and Democratic officials who are only now acknowledging the problem.

“It was entirely predictable,” co-host Kayleigh McEnany said.


“Reading scores fell far enough to erase three decades of gains, and math scores saw their biggest drop ever.”

McEnany, as White House press secretary in the Trump administration in 2020, sounded the alarm on the harm caused by pandemic-era lockdowns. But CNN’s Jake Tapper claimed Thursday, “There hasn’t been a national conversation about the damage done to kids because of these school closures and the virtual learning and everything.”

The panel blasted Tapper, and McEnany reiterated that the problem was always evident.

“The data was always there. We knew this would happen,” she said.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade called on pundits like Tapper to admit they were wrong in brushing off educational concerns while focusing on masking and lockdowns. He then demanded aid be provided to students with unspent COVID-19 relief funding.

“There should be a national movement now to get these kids some extra help and some tutoring with the money that we set aside,” he said. 

Co-host Emily Compagno noted “the coverage was always there” of the developing crisis but argued it was ignored by progressives because of their bias.

“Our left-wing media has a deaf ear to anything coming out of this network,” she said. 

“The worst part about this is, because of the apologist left-wing media for the Democrat platform and for their anti-Trump obsession, it was to the detriment of our children.”

“Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno criticized the liberal media’s failure to recognize the harm caused by lockdowns, which she said was at the detriment of children.

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