Ted Cruz triggers liberals on Twitter for attending New York Yankees’ game, compared to a rat

The sight of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at a New York Yankees’ game set some liberals’ hair on fire over the weekend. 

Cruz was in the area in advance of a Monday appearance on ABC’s “The View,” when he came to the Bronx to watch his team, the Houston Astros, take on the Yankees in the American League Championship Series.

But some on the left expressed their displeasure on Twitter at seeing the conservative politician in the stadium.


Hunter Walker, Rolling Stone contributor and former White House Correspondent for Yahoo! News, celebrated some fans booing Cruz in a series of tweets.

The appearance even prompted the journalist to berate Cruz over the January 6 Capitol riot.

He shared a screenshot of a text he sent to Cruz while in the stands.

“Since @tedcruz is here in the Bronx rooting against my Yankees, I figured it would be a good time to share his January 6 text messages with Mark Meadows …” the series of tweets began.

Walker admitted he tried to confront Cruz, but was stopped by stadium security. “Stadium security wouldn’t let me in Ted Cruz’s section. However I sent him a text of my own to ask about this message. As of this writing, he has not responded,” he tweeted with a screenshot of text messages badgering the Republican about Jan. 6th. 


“Make it plain” podcast host Rev. Mark Thompson, sometimes seen on MSNBC, was also in attendance and appeared to join in the booing of Cruz, writing, “Ted Cruz at Yankee Stadium gets finger, booed, and called racist piece of you know what and woman hater.”

Left-wing Twitter user David Weissman raved over a picture of a few Yankees fans flipping off the senator. “These New Yorkers speak for all of us, and I join them in solidarity. F**k you @tedcruz,” he wrote.

Actor Jason Selvig compared Cruz to a rat.

“Ted Cruz is in New York. If you hear something eating your garbage tonight it might not be the rats,” he wrote.

He continued ranting in another tweet, calling Cruz an “elitist snob.”

“Ted Cruz is sitting in the Legends seats at Yankee stadium like a typical elitist Ivy League snob,” he wrote.

Cruz has been heckled a number of times while in public, most recently on an airplane flight where a man mocked the senator and demanded he name the victims of the Uvalde school shooting.

Cruz got the last laugh on Sunday, as the Astros completed a four-game sweep of the Yankees to clinch a trip to the World Series. It marks the fourth time in six years the Astros won the American League championship.

The Yankees game wound up being a warm-up act for Cruz, as he also was heckled during his “View” appearance on Monday. He appeared to take it in stride, grinning as a woman yelled “f— you” at him. The show’s embarrassed hosts apologized for the incident.

Some liberals cheered Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, being heckled at a New York Yankees’ game. Cruz was in New York for an upcoming appearance on “The View.”

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