Texas man arrested for allegedly firing gun at Toyota headquarters, spreading nails in Dallas area: police

A Texas man who police believe may have spread hundreds of nails on roads in the Dallas area was arrested for allegedly firing a gun at the Toyota Headquarters in Plano on Saturday, police said. 

Kevin Genter, 45, was arrested Monday and charged with deadly conduct related to the shooting. 

Officers from the Plano Police Department initially responded to the Toyota Headquarters around 9:15 a.m. on Saturday after witnesses heard gunshots in the parking lot and saw a suspect firing a gun out of his car. Several shell casings were found at the scene. 

Security at Toyota believed the same car had dropped nails throughout the parking lot on Friday and Thursday, according to police. 


Other police departments in the area, including the University Park Police Department, Highland Park Police Department, and Southern Methodist University Police Department, have active investigations into similar incident involving nails. 

Jodi Shays told Fox 4 Dallas that she spent an hour picking up hundreds of nails off the road recently in the Highland Park area. 

“It could be your child driving. It could be an elderly person driving. You’re on the freeway, you have a car full of young kids, you have a blow out, you have a flat tire, somebody is going to get hurt at some point,” Shays told the local news outlet. 

Toyota could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday. 

Kevin Genter, 45, was arrested on Monday for allegedly firing a gun at the Toyota Headquarters in Plano, Texas, on Saturday and spreading nails in the parking lot.

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