The best of Leslie Jordan: A look at some of the beloved comedian’s hilarious moments

Comedian Leslie Jordan died following a car crash in Los Angeles on Monday. He was 67.

“The world is definitely a much darker place today without the love and light of Leslie Jordan,” his agent, David Shaul, shared in a statement with Fox News Digital. “Not only was he a mega talent and joy to work with, but he provided an emotional sanctuary to the nation at one of its most difficult times.”

The “Will & Grace” star became a cultural icon when he began going live on Instagram and posting daily videos of himself on the site during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. In those videos, he spoke about his life growing up with his mother and twin sisters, as well as sharing his adventures in Hollywood. 

He kept up his social media presence, continuing to post beyond the days of lockdown and garnering tons of adoring fans along the way. His final post on Instagram came just one day before his death and featured a video of him singing with his friend Danny Myrick.


Here is a look back at some of Jordan’s most hilarious moments on social media and beyond. 

Just a few months ago, Jordan poked fun at one of the universe’s toughest superheroes, Thor, otherwise known as Chris Hemsworth.

Jordan posted a picture of himself standing in front of a set of huge red doors, while trying to get a peak inside. He encouraged fans to swipe to see what he found on the other side of the door, only to post a picture of Hemsworth working out in the gym.

Hemsworth seemed to get a kick out of Jordan’s joke, playing along in the comments section. He commented that he was wondering if Jordan was ever going to find him and that this turned out to be the “longest game of hide and seek ever.” 

Fans enjoyed the joke, making it clear in the comments section that they love Jordan for making them laugh.

Back in 2019, Jordan announced his plans to perform his one-man show, “Leslie Jordan EXPOSED,” on VACAYA’s maiden voyage. VACAYA is an adult-only vacation company that operates primarily for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. 

Jordan found it to be a perfect fit for him, having been on many cruises himself to destinations all over the world. In one instance, Jordan recalled taking his 80-year-old mother on a gay cruise, not realizing she didn’t know it was a gay cruise until it was over, and his sisters pointed it out.

The cruise went from Barcelona to Ibiza and while he never told her it was a gay cruise, he assumed she would have figured it out once she got there. His younger twin sisters then told him they don’t think she ever did because she kept telling them how sweet the boys were.

When director Del Shores was given his star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, everyone was happy for him. Everyone except Jordan, who starred in one of the director’s films.

In an Instagram video, Jordan can be seen standing in front of Shores’ star with a glass of iced tea and says he is “just wondering why (Shores) got a star and (he) didn’t?” Jordan thinks he deserves a star alongside Shores because he once starred in one of Shores’ films. 


Before walking away, Jordan spilled some tea on the star acting like it was an accident, saying “oops” after doing so. As he was walking off camera, he asked, “Anybody got a jackhammer?” before the video ended.

The comments section on the Instagram post were filled with fans letting him know how much Jordan makes them laugh and with others saying they agree that he deserves a star on the Walk of Stars. 

In October 2021, Max Greenfield and Jordan went out to dinner, and it seemed like Jordan really enjoyed his time in Greenfield’s company. He posted about their outing on Instagram and revealed he made a surprising proposal to Greenfield.

Jordan posted a selfie of the two of them from that night, revealing he asked Greenfield to marry him and that unfortunately he turned him down. He looked on the bright side of though, saying he didn’t want to be responsible for breaking up Greenfield’s marriage to Tessa Sanchez Greenfield anyways.

Tonight at dinner, I jokingly asked @iammaxgreenfield to marry me, and he said, “I am straight and already married.” But, he didn’t say no,” Jordan captioned the post. “On second thought, I don’t want to be a home-wrecker. Love you @tesssanchezgreenfield.”

Fans told Jordan in the comments section that Greenfield is missing out and that the two of them would have made a beautiful couple. One commenter in particular suggested Jordan shouldn’t lose hope since Greenfield technically never said no and could change his mind in the future.

During an appearance on “Gutfeld!,” Jordan went into detail about the time he and actor Robert Downey Jr. had a brief encounter while in prison. He explained that he was sentenced to 120 days in prison for a crime he would rather keep private, but ensured was serious enough for him to have gone to prison for years.


“I walked in and sat down, and there he was. Years later I showed up, and he didn’t remember,” Jordan explained. “I was on the “Ally McBeal” show with everybody, Calista Flockhart, Ellen DeGeneres’ wife Portia De Rossi, Lucy Liu and all of them. Robert walked in, and he looked at me, and he said, ‘Do I know you?’ and I said to him ‘zip it.’

Jordan joked that he had to remind Downy Jr. the two of them were in prison together. He was happy to know that they will always have “152, Pod A, Cell 13, top bunk” in common.

Leslie Jordan died on Monday at the age of 67 following a car crash. ‘Will & Grace’ star leaves behind a legacy of joy and laughter. Here are some of his hilarious moments on social media and beyond.

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