The Chevrolet Silverado EV will be a 754 horsepower muscle truck

The Chevrolet Silverado EV is powering up.

Chevrolet has announced that the electric pickup will arrive with more power than originally advertised when deliveries begin next year.

The battery powered truck was unveiled in January with a top of the line Silverado EV RST First Edition advertised with a dual-motor drivetrain rated at 684 horsepower and 780 lb-ft of torque, but the engineers have squeezed even more out of it since then.

Following last-weeks reveal of the GMC Sierra EV Denali that will be built on the same platform as the Silverado EV and its 754 hp/785 lb-ft output, Chevrolet has confirmed that the Silverado EV RST First Edition will have the same specifications.


“As we prepare for production of the Silverado EV, our engineering team has further refined the estimated performance specs for the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST First Edition,” a Chevrolet spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

“GM now estimates horsepower to be up to 754 and torque up to estimated up to 785 lb-ft when Wide Open Watts mode is engaged.”

Wide Open Watts, or WOW, is a special mode that provides maximum power in short bursts. The $107,000 Sierra EV Denali has a similar mode simply called Max Power that has the same effect.

Both fall a bit short of the GMC Hummer EV’s Watts to Freedom (WTF) mode, which unleashes the tri-motor truck’s full 1,000 horsepower, which can accelerate the 9,000-pound vehicle to 60 mph in just over three seconds.

Pricing for the Silverado EV RST hasn’t been announced, but a less-powerful work truck will follow with a still impressive 510 hp and 615 lb-ft fo torque for a starting price of $41,595.


Even with the new specifications, the Silverado EV RST will not be Chevy’s most powerful model ever.

That title currently belongs to the 755 horsepower 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, which conveniently had one more horsepower than the Silverado EV RST, although less torque at 715 lb-ft.

Rumor has it that the upcoming all-wheel-drive “electrified” version of the latest Corvette will trump both of them, however, with possibly as much as 1,000 hp.

Chevrolet has upgraded the power rating for the 2024 Silverado EV pickup to 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque ahead of its debut next year.

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