Tim Burton is ‘done’ working with Disney after ‘horrible big circus’ filming ‘Dumbo’

Tim Burton revealed his days working with Disney might be “done.”

Burton, 64, opened up about the future of his career during the Lumière Festival in Lyon, France. The filmmaker revealed the only project he is about to embark on is Netflix’s “Wednesday” — “The Addams Family” spin-off series.

During a press conference, Burton criticized Disney for becoming “very homogenized.” The studio is only focused on the Marvel, Star Wars or Pixar films.

“It’s gotten to be very homogenized, very consolidated. There’s less room for different types of things,” he said, according to deadline, before declaring he wouldn’t work on a Marvel movie.

“I can only deal with one universe. l can’t deal with a multi-universe,” he said.


Burton also admitted he was “fired” by the studio several times throughout his career.

“My history is that I started out there,” he noted. “I was hired and fired like several times throughout my career there. The thing about ‘Dumbo,’ is that’s why I think my days with Disney are done. I realized that I was Dumbo, that I was working in this horrible, big circus and I needed to escape. That movie is quite autobiographical at a certain level.”

Despite his decision to stop working with Disney, the “Nightmare Before Christmas” producer noted that he’s never considered going the route of independent film.

“Here’s the thing. Independent film, I don’t know. I’ve only worked mainly with studios, so I never really understood what an independent film was,” Burton said during the press conference.

Burton began his career with Disney. His work on “Stalk of the Celery Monster” led the studio to offer him an apprenticeship for animation.

His early work, which didn’t end up in the finished films, included “Fox and the Hound,” “The Black Cauldron” and “Tron.”

After establishing his career, the filmmaker was best known for his fantasy horror films, including “The Addams Family,” “Beetlejuice” and “Edward Scissorhands.” He’s also known for “Batman” and “Alice in Wonderland.”


His latest project, “Wednesday,” will premiere Nov. 23 on Netflix, according to Deadline.

Burton is directing the show alongside Al Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of “Smallville.”

Jenny Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams.

“Wednesday is currently a teenager, and we’ve never seen her as a teenager before. Her snarky, snide remarks might not necessarily sound as charming when they’re coming from somebody who should probably know better than a 10-year-old girl. That was a balancing act. We didn’t want to make her sound like every other teenage girl, but we also didn’t want to make her too ignorant,” Ortega said about playing the character. 

“And we’ve never seen her on screen this much. Any other time you’ve seen Wednesday, she’s been the one-liner, the end of a joke, she always hits it, and I think that’s what people really love about her. But in this show, every scene is Wednesday. There’s an opportunity to give her a bit more dimension, and she becomes a bit more of a real person, which I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.”

Tim Burton is “done” working with Disney after his “horrible” experience filming the “Dumbo” remake. Burton began his film career working as an animator for Disney.

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